Our trips range from the basic to Level 1 or Level 3 for expert. We operate in the north of the island but on request we organize tours to other parts of the island.
All tours include: Bike, helmet, guide, snack and t-shirt courtesy.
If you have any request for group tours or special tours please send us an email at lifecyclesfuerteventura@gmail.com

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  • Distance to cover.

RutasLevel 1


Distance : 25 km
Duration: from 2 to 2 ½ hours
Price: 35 €
Includes: Bicycle, Helmet, Guide, snack and complementary tshirt

Description of the route:

We leave Corralejo and soon find us on a trail that let’s us taste and value the characteristics of the “Malpais” (land of lava) which scenically exhibits the geology of the island.

Already we are close to the grounds of Calderón, a volcano considered one of the best conserved, with a crater of 70m depth and awesome views on the northern parts of Fuerteventura and the south of Lanzarote.


RutasLevel 2


Distance: 40 km
Duration: from 3 to 3 1/2 hours
Price: 45 €
Includes: Bycicle, Helmet, Guide; snack and complementary tshirt

Description of the route:

We leave Corralejo in northeastern direction on the dirt road along the Northshore.

While we warm up here, we will be able to wonder about the surprising contrast between the deep-blue sea and the volcanic landscape named “Malpais”.

After a few kilometers we reach Majanicho, a small village located in a protected bay in the north of the island.

After a short rest we continue on a cycle path that connects at the same time our previous whereabouts with the town Lajares and the chain of Volcanoes named Calderón Hondo.

We pass the main volcano and contemplate about the more then 70m depth of the almost perfectly round-shaped crater. Thereafter, to relax the legs we will take a long downhill to Corralejo to terminate our today’s adventure.


RutasLevel 3


Distance: 60 km
Duration: from 3 1/2 to 4 hours
Price: 60 €
Includes: Bicycle, Helmet, Guide, snack and complementary tshirt.

Description of the route:

Shortly after leaving Corralejo we take a dirt road absolutely perfect for mountain biking.

We cross through a chain of volcanoes with a high geological and historical value.

As we reach Lajares we head into the volcanic “malpais” climbing towards the volcano “La Escanfraga”, which is more than 80.000 years old.

We make a descent to La Oliva to refill water stores and then continue towards the mountain Tindaya. This mountain is of special historical and archaelogical interest due to the amount of rock engravings that can be found here. Tindaya was sacred to Fuerteventura’s aboriginal population.

After enjoying Tindaya we ride on a dirt road towards La Oliva and again towards Lajares to culminate our long journey with the awesome views of the sea and the trade winds.

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