If you are a fan of road cycling you will be delighted to learn about the seemingly endless miles that lie in front of you on low-in-traffic roads.

Our trips range from the basic to Level 1 or Level 3 for expert. We operate in the north of the island but on request we organize tours to other parts of the island.
All tours include: Bike, helmet, guide, snack and t-shirt courtesy.
If you have any request for group tours or special tours please send us an email at lifecyclesfuerteventura@gmail.com

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RutasLevel 1


Distance: 55 km
Duration: 2 to 2 ½ hours
Price: 35 €
Includes: Bicycle, Helmet, Guide, snack and complementary tshirt.

Description of the route:

We leave Corralejo in the direction of Puerto del Rosario. We enter the fabulous natural park Dunes of Corralejo, a desert-like area which nowadays is a protected reserve that has turned to the main attraction around the northern island.

After having passed the dunes and white sand beaches we ride along the Montaña Roja, a volcanic cone that has been given its name due to the red scaled colors in his appearance.

10 kilometres later we take a road with very little traffic and face a 7km long pass with a medium incline of 5% and some parts as steep as 8%.

Arriving at the summit we have the time to recover the legs on a downhill of a few kilometres length until we reach the village La Oliva.

Here again, we change direction and head towards Lajares where we will be able to take a break for a coffee or one of the exquisite homemade cakes in this relaxed village before finishing our tour of the day.

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RutasLevel 2


Distance: 75 km
Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours
Price: 45 €
Includes: Bicycle, Helmet, Guide, snack and complementary tshirt.

Description of the route:

From Corralejo we take the direction of Puerto del Rosario, capital city of Fuerteventura, with 36.200 citizens at the moment. Before arriving there, we pass the natural park Dunas de Corralejo, a coastal desert-like area which nowadays is a protected area.

Having passed the dunes we arrive in the zone of Montaña Roja, having been given its name due to the red color scale in its appearance.

An easy rolling 15 kilometres later we are in Puerto del Rosario and go through the pass to Tetir and La Matilla with a distance of 11 kilometres and a grade of about 8%.

Arriving at La Matilla we can recover our legs due to the fact that with a few short exceptions we will now go downhill all the way to La Oliva.

We can here fill up our water bottles and go on to Lajares through the volcanic landscape called Malpais.

There we take the direction to Corralejo to finish this incredible route.

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RutasLevel 3


Distance: 100km
Duration: 4 to 4 ½ hours
Price: 60 €
Includes: Bicycle, Helmet, Guide, snack and complementary tshirt.

Description of the route:

This is the icing on the cake of our routes.

We leave Corralejo in direction to the village called Lajares. We will warm up to face the steep slopes that lie ahead.

We start a long uphill of five kilometres at an average incline of 3 %.

Thereafter we arrive at La Oliva where, except for some occasional false flats, all the way will be quite easy until we reach Tefia.

We turn towards Los Llanos de la Concepción where we will climb up a little pass of five kilometres with steep slopes up to 6 %.

After that the descend and the course will be fairly easy for the next few kilometres.

From here we will ride through a more challenging series of hills with ascents up to 12 %.

After around sixty five kilometres, the descent to La Oliva compensates for the strenuous uphill miles. The remainder of this route is a relaxing downhill towards Corralejo.

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